Research & Development

Complex decision support technologies made simple


We do R&D from scratch or provide a boost to your R&D team

State of the Art Analysis

We perform an analysis of all your requirements and face their inherent features with those of state of the art approaches. Everything is neatly assembled and delivered as a technical report.

Front-end and Back-end Development

Development of front-end solutions with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap and AngularJS. We support front-end applications and M2M interaction through service-oriented back-end development. We specialize on fast and reliable RESTful services built with Java and/or PHP.

Android Development and Training

Our team has experience in both Android development and training. We design and implement applications specifically oriented to Android users, following Google's best practices and guidelines in interface design and usability. Alternatively, we can train your development team to build high quality native Android applications.

Knowledge Representation

We structure your data using the latest models and technologies. We build relational, key-store, document or graph semantically-enriched models according to your scalability and flexibility requirements.


Some of our work with clients, partners and institutions


The Toursplan (Tours Planning Support System) intends to help tourists in finding a personalized tour plan, allowing them to use their time efficiently. Visit plans are adapted according to the tourist profile (which includes interests, personal values, wishes, constraints and disabilities) and contextual information (e.g. transportation and weather), combining, in a tour, the most adequate tourism products and services. These include interesting places to visit, attractions, restaurants and accommodations.
Relevant interactive information from tourists is anonymously captured and presented through decision support dashboards, providing a complete set of services that includes recommendation, planning and reporting (analytics).

Android Training

Our team has been responsible for devising and teaching five training editions of Android development at the School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto (ISEP-IPP). These training editions require only a prior knowledge of the Java programming language, and cover all the basics and essentials of native Android development.


From Portugal to everywhere

Ricardo Anacleto, Researcher and Full Stack Developer at Mobaton
Nuno Luz, Researcher and Full Stack Developer at Mobaton
We are an independent team working from Portugal with a strong background in both research and development. We focus on simplifying complex research and development tasks, and in delivering high quality implementations.
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